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GSD has produced a number of templates that can be tailored to your specific needs. These provide a quick and economic way of gaining a bespoke system without the associated high costs. We will discuss your specific requirements identifying any areas of the template that require customising and will provide you with a detailed implementation plan and cost summary to achive your requirements.

Dell Computer products
GSD uses Dell computers due to their high performance and value for money. Throught the Dell affiliates program, we can advise you on the optimum system for your business and if required we can arrange to supply you with the Dell computers of your choice.

Web Monitor Service
Web Monitor is a service provided by GSD that monitors your website (irrespective of whether GSD developed the website) and provides reports detailing the average response time and the times that the website could not be accessed. If GSD have developed your website, we can also monitor any database performance so you can be sure your system is operating efficiently at all times.

Once registered with Web Monitor, you will have a unique user name and password that will allow you to view graphs showing your sites performance and you can also nominate an email address to receive alerts when the website has been inaccesible for a predefined time.

Club Room
The ClubRoom suite of programs is designed to allow easy control of club membership information. The basic program handles all information relating to membership lists including renewals and subscriptions whilst a number of optional programs allow extra features to be added.

ClubRoom can cater for a wide variety of different types of clubs due to the nature of optional "plug-in" modules which allow the basic system to be customised for your club requirements.

If you need to maintain a list of members, ClubRoom can make your life easier!

Purchase Order
The Purchase Order control system allows your business to control the creation and supply of purchase orders. Each employee is allocated a unique user name and password that they use to enter their purchase requests. These can then be passed through your choice of authorisation processes, for example such as line manager sign off, cost centre manager sign off, etc. Finally the purchase request is changed into a purchase order and the details can be printed, emailed, faxed or sent via XML format electronically.

This sytem allows you to keep closer control of your purchase expenditure and allows you to encourage use of certain suppliers to take full advantage of specially negotiated prices.

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