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GSD designs quality systems to suit your requirements. We design systems by building a prototype system for your evaluation and then refining the prototype until it meets your needs. Our development methods are in line with those defined by the DSDM organisation (www.DSDM.org) using DSDM accredited designers to ensure that your system is produced quickly yet with the quality you expect.

A fundamental assumption of the DSDM approach is that nothing is built perfectly first time, but that 80% of the solution can be produced in 20% of the time it would take to produce the total solution. It is impossible for anyone to foresee all future requirements of their computer systems and traditional computer design methods where you have to document all your requirements cannot hope to succeed in todays increasingly changing business environment.

GSD buld systems to address the current and imminent needs of your business rather than trying to tackle all perceived possibilities. We build systems that can be easily modified in the future to meet the changes you will encounter. Simpler systems that are fit for the purpoase and easier to change make sense.

The stages involved in a typical development are:

  1. Business study to review current systems (computer or manual based)
  2. Produce recommendations for getting the best from technologies
  3. Produce and agree an implementation plan based on recommendations
  4. For each phase of the plan:
    • Create a functional prototype for the phase
    • Enhance the prototype to meet the needs of the business
    • Produce user guides and train staff
    • Implement the phase
    • Review the work completed to enure it meets the needs of the business
  5. Review the total project and produce recommendations for the future

GSD can build computer systems to suit both public access and in-house access. These may or may not be the same system depending on your requrements.

In-house systems can be either browser based or traditional client-server systems - browser based systems being more cost effective to deploy but lack the advanced functionality of a client-server system.

Internet/Intranet systems
These systems are also referred to as browser based systems. They require less operational effort on a day-to-day basis and are a very cost effective method of deploying applications.

In-House systems
Systems in this category are typically more complex than internet/intranet systems and are therefore usually more expensive. This type of system will often be the principle business critical system of your company.

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